BPA and Migraines Is bottled water bad for migraines?

BPA and Migraines Is bottled water bad for migraines?

BPA and Migraines BPA and migraines and other headaches is there a link? Bisphenol A seems to be in the News more and more. Since 1999 I have warned my students against this deadly hazard to both our earth and to our health.

As a Migraine Specialist, many of my students want to know if there is a link between BPA and Migraines. In my opinion I would say, “Yes there is a link between BPA and Migraines.” How? Well, the link would be BPA as a contributing cause of migraines. Since some migraines are caused by a hormonal imbalance, and BPA contributes to making a human’s hormones become unbalanced.

BPA outgasses estrogen – a fake estrogen, (Phytoestrogen) but since BPA is entirely foreign to the human body – any body – man or beast – the body takes its own take or understanding on exactly what the “stuff” is that it is absorbing. The answer? Estrogen – a woman’s hormone. For women that results in too much estrogen and the imbalance contributes to migraine headaches and other health problems. For men that can relate to ED or erectile dysfunction and other men health problems.

Tip: Use and refill glass bottles for drinking on the go.

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Dr. Rossano, Ph.D., Migraine Specialist Orlando, Florida

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