Healthier Diet – simple tips to improved health

Healthier Diet – simple tips to improved health

Healthier Diet

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Does anyone know what it means to “eat a healthier diet.” How many times on the news have you heard the words, eat a healthy diet? Millions? How can Americans eat a healthier diet when no one’s definition matches anyone else? Confusion. Diet information is surrounded by confusion. Why? Money. It is all about getting your money.

Healthy Hearsay is rampant in the United States! What is Healthy Hearsay? Well, this is education by Tony the Tiger. Tony says that Frosted Flakes are, “Grrrrrr-rate!” and we believe him. The icon is nothing more than that – an icon. Like the little Geiko — cute but has nothing to do with insurance. The same hold true with listening to Tony the Tiger.

There was a rat study that I read about that wanted to see if cereal was a good way to eat breakfast. The study included three groups of mice:

1) Ate fresh fruits and veggies — what mice like to eat.

2) Ate the Standard American Diet of packaged, canned, frozen foods. (S. A. D.)

3) Ate just the breakfast cereal.

In one week, the mice in groups two and three started to die. By week four all the mice in Group two died, but there were a few mice in the third group that were still living lethargic lives (not running on their tread mills).

After close investigation, what did the cereal group reveal? The third group of mice were eating the box that the cereal came in and therefore had an improved survival rate.  So,what’s the moral of this story? If you want a healthy cereal for breakfast, eat the cereal box!

A healthier diet is eating as the American Cancer Society suggests. What’s that? Eat six to eight servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day! When you see the word, “fresh” what are you thinking? This is fruit and vegetable stand or the farmer’s market produce. Food that is good for you and much cheaper than the box, canned or prepared foods on our supermarket shelves.

The first step towards a healthy tomorrow is taken today. If you have never taken a formal health class, this is your opportunity. The Free Health class doesn’t require your email.

Dr. Diana Jo Rossano, Migraine Specialist

About Diana Jo Rossano, Ph.D.

Migraine Specialist, Dr. Diana Jo Rossano was a migraine headache sufferer and is now migraine free when she discovered what processed foods to avoid for migraine diet triggers. Her book, "Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Diet" has helped hundreds of people find help with most diseases. Why? Because when you improve the liver, you will improve your life. Use the contact page to contact her.
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