Migraine Drug

Migraine Drug

MAP Pharmaceuticals Gets Rare Benefit of the Doubt With Migraine Drug  says, “Our goal is to respond to the [FDA’s] complete response letter as aggressively and quickly as we can, and get a product out there we think can help a lot of people,” CEO Tim Nelson said yesterday in a phone interview.

Mr. Nelson wants to help a lot of people. In the Holy name of “Health” the Pharmaceuticals invent a new migraine drug to help the migraine headache sufferers.

The MAP Pharmaceuticals Gets Rare Benefit of the Doubt With Migraine Drug  because the new drug is not a pill. The 2010 stockholders of this $1.6 billion dollar pharmaceutical company are confident that since their migraine drug is NOT a pill, it will provide an alternative, fast pain relief help to migraine sufferers with less dizziness and nausea.

Pills cause migraine headache patients to suffer with the side effects from existing medications that are presently on the market of nausea.

Is there hope for a migraine headache sufferer to find relief? Well, I am a former migraine headache sufferer who did NOT want a life of taking pharmaceutical drugs. I found a way out.  No research is being done to find a natural cure. NONE. Why? Because happy stockholders are the people MAP Pharmaceutical wants to help – NOT the the migraine headache sufferers who need the migraine drug.

The answer? It was on the end of my fork. I don’t eat boxed, canned, frozen or restaurant food and my migraine headaches have disappeared.  Take the Free Health Class – find the answer to your pain. Download the FREE chapter to my book.

Then if you are suffering less, buy my Basic 6 lesson course for $25 bucks. If you want a consultation, I have the medium and deluxe plans to help you reduce your pain.

MAP Pharmaceuticals Gets Rare Benefit of the Doubt With Migraine Drug

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Migraine Specialist, Dr. Diana Jo Rossano was a migraine headache sufferer and is now migraine free when she discovered what processed foods to avoid for migraine diet triggers. Her book, "Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Diet" has helped hundreds of people find help with most diseases. Why? Because when you improve the liver, you will improve your life. Use the contact page to contact her.
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