Sock Eye Salmon, Is it better?

Sock Eye Salmon, Is it better?

Is there a difference between wild caught salmon and sockeye salmon – both are wild fish, and both should be equal in quality. This comparison will shock you as it did me.

Sock Eye SalmonTake care of your liver and your chances of getting cancer will diminish. Cancer is a disease of your immune system. Anyone who has had cancer has an immune system that has failed them. The cancer cells should have been removed from the body by the immune system – that’s its job. My advice would be to take care of your liver and your liver will take care of you and your immune system. \

Then you have decreased your probability of getting cancer. Three out of four people in America will have cancer in their lifetime. That means that 75 percent of all people get cancer. Cancer has become normal. Scary? Yup, I’m afraid of cancer because my other died of cancer.

I changed the way I eat, and I’ve reduced my chances of getting cancer. According to the American Cancer Society people need to eat five or six servings of vegetables each day. Who does that? I wasn’t. I was destined to be like my mother, and I did not want cancer in my future. So, I changed what I ate and my migraine headaches went magically into remission. Join me. Read my book, “Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Liver Cleanse Diet” so you can improve your chances of NOT getting cancer.

Dr. Diana was a migraine headache sufferer for many years until she decided to do some research to find out the reason why. She became migraine free in 1998 and has shared her plan with students. Equal success has been shown with Fatty Liver Disease. Students eat from the recipe book and in three months fatty liver disease goes in remission. Every student who has eaten from this plan has felt better and lost weight.




About Diana Jo Rossano, Ph.D.

Migraine Specialist, Dr. Diana Jo Rossano was a migraine headache sufferer and is now migraine free when she discovered what processed foods to avoid for migraine diet triggers. Her book, "Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Diet" has helped hundreds of people find help with most diseases. Why? Because when you improve the liver, you will improve your life. Use the contact page to contact her.
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